Saturday, October 18, 2008

Austin's first fieldtrip!

Well Austin got to go on his first official school frieldtrip on Tuesday. We went to the pumpkin patch. It was kind of a chill, damp day but the kids had a really fun time. They got to play in corn, feed the animals, have lunch and pick out a pumpkin. Austin's highlight although was getting to ride the school bus!! And who do you think he sat with on his first bus ride? His sweet mother? NO, Vivianna! The cutest little girl! They had so much fun and it was so much fun watching them get so excited!!

Austin also loves school so much that when we got back to school he was VERY sad that he did not get to do his normal Tuesday day at school!! Here are some pictures!

Austin's class, Yes there are only 4!

Feeding the goats with Ben and Vivianna

Monday, October 6, 2008

Just like Austin!

So recently Campbell has become a little copycat of Austin. Everything he does she has to have or try herself. The other day I saw him jump off one of our chairs in the family room and the next thing I saw was Campbell standing on the same chair jumping off just like Austin! Sunday morning the kids were in the family room playing and I had some of Austins laundry in there so Campbell decided she need to wear underwear just like he had on. So these are a few pictures of her trying to put them on herself!!

Apple picking!!

On Saturday we went apple picking with our care group from church. The kids had a great time picking apples and picking out their pumpkins! I don't have a picture of it but Amy Scoggins just about mastered the technique of feeding apples to massive cows! Don't really know if cows are suppose to eat whole apples, but they did and looked pretty excited about it! Here are some pictures!