Monday, July 21, 2008

More Pics from the wedding!!

I am at my mom's house and I was looking at all their photos from the wedding and I thought I would add some to the blog. I was to worried about austin actually walking down the isle to take any pictures with my own camera!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We made it Back!!

Well our Colorado adventure is over and we had a great time! Colorado was beautiful and it makes me wonder what we are doing living in Missouri. The kids had a great time! We found out that Campbell thinks every body of water is a swimming pool and want to go in. It is hard convincing a 15 month old that swimming in a rushing river is probably not the smartest thing to do. If she had her way she would have just walked right on in! Austin had his fill of waterfalls and loved just sitting and looking at the water. We also had a great time feeding the chipmunks that lived around our cabin! Austin also got to experience his first rodeo, I think he really liked it!

At the end of our many adventures in the mountains we drove to Ft. Collins for my cousins wedding where Austin was the ringbearer, Although he decided not to carry the pillow with the rings on it he did a great job of walking down the isle and looked so hansome in his tux. In true Austin form when he got to the end of the isle and was standing up with the other groomsmen he turned to me and yelled "Mom I did a good job and I'm not even tired yet" So he definitly made his presence known, but it was adorable! Here are some pictures from our week!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Whatever my big brother does....

This is what ends up happening when I leave them alone to do some packing for our trip. Austin is pretending that he is going into space and so Campbell needed to join in. After many attempts at using something else that was not big enough for her head, Austin went and got something else from the kitchen that would fit her head. Campbell loves playing with her big brother and ALWAYS has to have the samething that he has!!

When we get back I will post some pictures from our trip and of Austin's adventure of being the ring bearer in my cousin's wedding!! I'm sure I will have some stories!! See you when we get back!!