Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Morning!

This blog is a little out of order, but here are some pictures from Easter morning!

Campbell's Birthday pictures!

When austin was almost one someone told me about how they take pictures of their little boy every year on their birthday wearing one of their dad's shirts and ties and then every year you can see how much they have grown. We have been doing that with Austin, but I could not think of what to do with Campbell. Then I found this hat at a little children's store and I thought it was so cute, so this will be the hat that she wears every year for her picture!! She is going to love it when she is 14!!!! I'm sure I will get a "really mom". Here are some pictures from her birthday!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy First Birthday Campbell!

Our baby Girl turned One today and we had a great day. We went shopping with Grammy and then we all had dinner together tonight! Austin helped Campbell open her presents and he was very sweet with her! I will download some pictures tomorrow so you all can see how big she is getting!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

We are still here!!

The SHaw family is still around and doing great! I have not been able to blog lately because our main computer is down, hopefully we will get a new one soon!! Things have been crazy around here, most of you know that we are trying to sell our house so my days are consumed with cleaning and picking up toys and leaving the house so people can come over! Last weekend Jason's parents came to visit us and we had a wonderful time. We had a great Easter today and Austin is now sleeping off all the sugar he consumed today!! Campbell is becoming such the little toddler! She is trying her hardest to get her balance on her feet and when she does that watch out because she will be off and running! She is turning 1 on Tuesday and I can't believe she is already One! That is the update for us and hopefully I can get some pictures on here soon!