Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hello! Sorry I have not been posting very much lately but our computer has been down and needs to be fixed, but other things have been going good! We had a great Thanksgiving at my parents and then went over to my aunts for some great dessert! The kids are doing great and Austin is getting very excited for Christmas! Every new store or house that we go to that is decorated for Christmas he lets me know that "it is Christmas here too Mommy"! Campbell is doing great too. She is trying her hardest to become mobile and I'm trying my hardest to stop it!! Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Austin's First Kiss!

We got together with our good friends, Jake and Paige Patton the other night for dinner and with a little coaching from his momma Austin got his frist kiss from Lacy! I think they make an adorable couple!! Here it is!!

She's a Sitter!!

Campbell has had a few milestones these past couple of weeks. She is now sitting up really well all by herself! She is also saying mama and dada, it is so fun to listen to her talk up a storm! She is also quite the little roller, she will be across the room in like 2 seconds it is so funny! She gets herself into the funniest places. This is all new to me because Austin was perfectly happy staying in one place and not rolling anywhere! Here are a few pics of her accomplishments!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fun at Church

One Octopus and One Fire Fighter!

We had a great Halloween last night! Austin was a fire fighter and Campbell was the cutest little Octopus I've ever seen! We wanted to do everything last night so after a quick dinner we put the costumes on and headed outside to do a little trick or treating. It was Austin's first time and obviously he loved it! Any time he gets candy it is a great day for him! He was so funny he would knock on the door and say trick or treat and then wait for them to answer and then just stand there until they gave him his candy! Campbell just went along for the ride probably wondering what the heck she was wearing! After trick or treating we went to our church and they have a great Fall Party. Lots of games and yes even more candy! The night was great and we got away with only eating 1 sucker when we got home and amazingly he has not said a word about his candy bag today!!