Friday, September 30, 2011

Back from the Beach!!!

The stats.....
1 house on the beach
7 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
1 1/2 kitchens
2 living rooms
15 kids (only 3 families :) )
11 adults
ridiculous amount of snacks
lots of sand
So Much Fun!!!!

We spent last week in Holden Beach , NC with Jason's family! We had such a great time! I finally got to meet Jason's cousin, Kim. Her and her husband have 10 amazing kids and my kids had so much fun playing with them and getting to know them! And of course we always love getting to spend time with Jason's brother and his crew!!
On our way!

He is the model flyer! Always reading the directions on what to do if we crash!

 We spent friday night in Raleigh with David and Kristen and then drove to the beach on Saturday
Cam's ready!

The downstairs family room and 1/2 kitchen

of course not all of us fit at the table so usually it was taken up by the kids!

grandma and Andrew

Gideon, the Burke's 2nd youngest

Cam and Emmaline

some of the kids playing a game on a rainy morning

taking a walk on the pier

convinced she can surf!

Andrew and Elijah just hanging out

our close-up

grandma's project - bag signing

Kim (Jason's cousing) with her oldest, Maggie and youngest, Carolina

The whole Burke family!

All the kids lines up from oldest to youngest

The cousins!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Balloon Race

 Headed down to the Forest Park Balloon Race, The rain stayed away and we were able to enjoy the race!

 The sad part is, Scoggins have lived here for 11 years and this was their first trip to Ted Drewes!! Shameful!!!

Austin and Jason going to the game tonight! This is big People, Jason in a Cardinals shirt!!! He said he would wear it because Austin was born in St. Louis. Have no fear though, he is still a loyal Braves fan. He had to buy this shirt for a work thing, and then dig it out from his closet for tonight!