Sunday, October 30, 2011

Disney Adventure!!!!

Well we had a fabulous time in Disney World last week! The pictures kind of got out of order but here is a brief overview of our week!

 Going to the Magic Kingdom, the girls all had on their matching minnie dresses

 waiting for the fireworks!

 breakfast with the princesses in Norway at Epcot! We had our own princesses with us!

 waiting to ride Mission Space

 Test track!! Campbell has a new found love for anything fast! She worries me a bit!

 riding tower of terror

 We took Austin to Kennedy Space center along with Jason's Aunt Mary and his cousin, Brian who live in Titusville. had a great day!

getting ready to ride expedition everest!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Go Dawgs.......

Jason and I went to Nashville this weekend to watch Georgia play Vanderbilt! We had a great time!

 This one is for Jon!!
 Go Dawgs!!
 We were surrounded by the Vanderbilt season ticket holders!! Although we did have 2 bulldog fans right next to us!

 This is Russ, the interim mascot for Georgia, Uga VIII died on Feb. 4th so Russ is filling in until Uga IX is chosen!

The next few pictures are what I like to call, "what a fan really should not wear".....

 This guy was the vanderbilt commador, I just wonder what went through his head that made him think this was a good idea? He literally just stood there and held his plastic sword the whole time!

On a side note, these were last weeks cookies I did.
 Get ready for Disney cookies
cookies for Jon's staff meeting at his store