Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Austin!!

Today is Austin's 3rd Birthday and his little sister has tried to steal his thunder!! Austin, Campbell and my mom and I all spent Austin's birthday morning at the ER. Campbell has been sick and for the last 3 days has not been able to keep anything down! So I called the doctor this morning and he sent us to the ER. I was very surprised seeing as how I had made it 3 years without a visit to an ER. They were worried about dehydration and she was starting to show signs of it. Austin on the other hand thought it was very cool to be at the hospital. He talked to all the doctors and was playing doctor in the room. He said " I love coming to the hospital when Cami does not feel well". The Doctor decided that she needed IV fluids so they tried to give her an IV but were unsuccessful. It was one of the worst things as a mom I have had to endure. The nurse tried for about 20 minutes and in 3 different places, but with her wonderful chunkiness and her dehydration they just could not find a vein. So after talking with the doctor and getting her to keep about 4 oz down with a syringe we decided to go home and just keep trying to give her little amounts of fluid very often. So as of now she is doing better and keeping her fluids in. Hopefully she will continue to do that or else it means a trip to Children's to try the IV again, but I don't think we will have to do that.
So Austin's birthday has been very eventfull. I think all in all Austin will say it was a great day! The hospital in the morning and then my dad took him to see the Veggie Tale movie this afternoon. It was his first movie and he told my dad that it was the greatest place he had ever been! So Happy Birthday Austin, You sure have made Mommy and Daddy so happy these first 3 years!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Austin's Birthday Party

We had Austin's 3rd birthday party yesterday at Planet Fun!! He and about 13 little friends all ran around and climbed through tunnels and down slides and then filled up on pizza and cake! Then the great mother that I am I gave them all more sugar and sent them all home with their parents!!! We had a great time and thank you to everyone for coming and making Austin feel so special! Here are some of the pictures!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baby Lydia is Here!!

We packed up the car last Thursday with my parents and we headed to Atlanta to wait for baby Lydia to be born! Doty was induced Friday morning at 9:00 at Lydia came at 4:23 in the afternoon! She was 8lbs 2oz and is absolutely beautiful. We had a great time holding her and loving on her all weekend. Austin and Campbell got to meet their new cousin and Austin thought she was very little and all Campbell wanted to do was try and grab her!(We will keep her away from Lydia for awhile!!)So Congratulations to Jon and Doty on a very beautiful little girl!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Well Jason turned 29 yesterday and he celebrated in the best way possible, as only a New Year's baby can with no work and football all day long!! He must have watched at least 10 games or flipped between them all day long. My parents came over for dinner and we had cake and ice cream and presents! So Happy Bithday Jason!!!

Christmas Fun!!

Christmas morning!

Lydia is comming!

We got back from Atlanta last Thursday after an 11 hour car ride. The trip actually was not all that bab, the kids did really well. It helped that we were traveling with my parents so Austin was in their car for most of the trip!! (Thanks mom and dad) We had a wonderful visit in Atlanta and Austin especially loved the time he got to spend with his grandma and granddad. Christmas morning was great, Austin was very excited to open his presents from Santa, but now he is saying that he can't wait until Santa brings him his birthday presents (we need a talk). Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a great New Year!