Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School!

Austin had his first day of school today and he loved it! We had lunch with daddy and then we took him to his room. There was one moment that he looked at me like, are you really leaving? So I just left hoping he would be okay! He came out when I picked him up with a huge smile on his face and looking exhausted!

Back from Bama!

We spent a long weekend down at what we like to call our lake home, but so is not! We have wonderful friends who graciously allow us to use their beautiful home down in Alabama on Lake Martin. My parents and I and the kids along with Jason's parents arrived last Wednesday night and then Jon, Doty and lydia came on Tursday. Jason came on Friday and finally Jason's brother David and Kristen and their 3 kids came on Saturday. So by Saturday we had a very full and wonderful house along with the massive amount of rain from Fay! Saturday basicly consisted of playing the Wii and containing the 6 kids that were running around. To top it all off the power went out Saturday night around the time we were going to bed and did not come back on until 5 minutes before we left Sunday late afternoon! We had a wonderful time and always enjoy our time spent at the lake!! Here are some pictures!
Hi Lydia!!

Campell basicly chased Emma around all weekend! She loved feeding her ice!

Watching a movie with his cousins Sarah and Luke!

Getting ready for a boat ride!

Austin, Sara and luke had a sleep over in the apartment above the garage.
grandma and granddad got the priviledge of sleeping over there with them!

The Lake house

Just talking with grandma!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meet the teacher Day!

Getting ready to Go!!

Austin and his teacher, Mrs. Shine

Up in the reading loft!!

Yesterday was meet your teacher day for Austin! He will start preschool and next Tuesday and he is very excited. Here are some pictures!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Silly Girl!

Today was a fun day. Austin and I went this morning to his preschool to meet his teacher and check out his room. He was so cute and so excited to be going to school. As we left he said, "Oh mommy I just can't wait to go to school here"!! I will put some pictures that I took up tomorrow, I took them on my mom's camera, but can't download them to my computer!!
These other pictures are of Campbell doing her usual trying on of the shoes, but today they happened to be mommy's shoes. First she found my socks and so she has those on and then brought me my shoes! After discovering that she could not walk she settled on Austin's tennis shoes!! She's looking a little rough, but what a sweet girl!!!

Austin's first homework assignment. We and I stress ME had to decorate this little man in something that Austin likes. So after much discussion we settled on his favorite Georgia shirt and his black crocs.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Evening Fun!

Austin loves to run through his sprinkler and with new sod it seems like the sprinklers are always on!!! Campbell was never a huge fan until tonight. For some reason she decided to get brave and just stick her head right on in!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What to do on a Hot day?

Wash the cars!!! Austin was so excited to help daddy wash the cars and Campbell just liked walking in and out of the garage finding new things to play with. Our neighbors Mike and his little boy came over to help. Austin got a good lesson in sharing the hose!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy 90th Grandma!

Campbell at the Party!!

Grandma and Lydia!

Grandma and her 9 great-grandkids!

George,Austin and Lucian (George is my cousin Tavi's youngest and Lucian is my cousin Hannah's middle child)

Greatgrandma's girls! Lydia,Campbell and Allegra

We had my grandma's 90th birthday party last Saturday and we had a great time. Everyone was able to come in town and it was great having everyone together. Now you would think for a 90th birthday party that it would just be family, but OH NO! My grandma has tons of friends living in St. Louis. We had about 50 to 60 of her closest friends over for this party also! How do you ask does a 90 year old have so many friends!! The secret is to have friends that are 20 years younger than you!!! It was great seeing her get to be with all her dear friends that she does not get to see since she moved to Kansas! So happy Birthday Grandma We love you!!