Sunday, December 16, 2007

The snow Saga!!

So this is the first year that Austin really realized what playing out in the snow was all about. So when we went to bed Friday night we told him that when he woke up there was going to be snow on the ground and his obvious response was "And I can go out and play in it". The loving parents that we are we said sure tomorrow we can go play in the snow! Of course I rolled over in my nice warm bed Saturday morning to see the clock glowing 7:02 and to no suprise my darling almost 3 year old was standing there like clock work.( He knows not to leave his room until his clock says 7, I think I should have tried for 8!!) So every morning at 7:02 or 7:03 austin is there with a good moring mommy it's 7!! Well this morning the first words out of his mouth were, lets go play in the snow right now!! After convincing him that it was way to early to go outside and that daddy would take him out later I began thinking that this child had nothing appropriate to wear to play in the snow! So after we got up I had to run up to wal-mart in the snow and buy something necessities for playing in the snow! I found everything I needed, A longer coat, snow pants, long Johns, mittens and boots! Of course the only thing in the toddler size was pink so I had to jump to the boys section. I bought the smallest size which is a 4/5 and once Austin was all dressed he looked like the little brother from the Christmas story, all bundled up and barely able to move!! He will still be wearing these clothes when he is in the third grade!! Here are some pictures from that moring! When I finally went outside to see the snowman that Austin and Jason had built, Austin said, "It's time to go in for some hot chocolate because I am freezing out here"!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Good News!

Every year the day after Thanksgiving we go to old town St. Charles to walk around and eat dinner. This year the Taylors went with us and while they were taking our family picture they told us the good news that they are having another baby!! So congratulations to Kevin, Michelle and Carter! The second picture is of their family! I think it is such a cute way of telling people. This is the way jon and Doty also told us they were having Lydia!! (Who is coming Soon!!!!)