Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!

We had a wonderful Christmas eve and I thought now that all the presents are wrapped I would get a jump start on blogging. We went to church at 3 and then had a most wonderful dinner out with my parents. We came home and made cookies for Santa and then the kids went off to bed, Austin very excited and Campbell without a clue as to what is going on!! Here are some pictures from the day!
Getting ready to go to church!
Making cookies for Santa! We made some great monster cookies!
While the cookies were baking we read the Story of the first Christmas. Austin was very interested in baby Jesus and Campbell really just wanted to sit in her box.
Literally not more than 2 seconds after I set down the santa cookies this little cookie monster was eating them, She was looking to see if any one saw her. Austin said "Silly Campbell those are for Santa"
This was his I'm so excited for presents look!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Camel Riding!!!

On Thursday night we went to Our Lady of Snow's holiday lights show and they also had this little petting zoo. As soon as I saw the camel rides I wanted to do it and I knew that Campbell would go with me. We asked Austin but he said no! So here are some pictures of Campbell and I riding our camel. She loved every minute of it and was laughing the whole time! The ride was not comfortable and I can not imagine how people ride them for a long time. You would need a whole lot of padding!!
Kylee this is for you!! Campbell riding a camel!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Breakfast with Santa!!

Today Jason and I and my parents took the kids to Shaw's Garden for breakfast with Santa. It started out a little rough because Austin was mad at me for making him wear a shirt with buttons ( Goodness!!) and I thought he might flip out when he got up to see Santa, but instead it was like he was greeting a long lost friend. He full out sprinted and jumped in his lap. Campbell was alos a huge fan of Santa! She also loved the reindeer and snowman that were walking around. I think she would have gone home with the snowman if we would have given her to him! So after the kids talked to Santa we had a great breakfast and then went to look at the train display. It was huge and very cool and both the kids loved watching the trains. The highlight of the morning although was watching Campbell stand on this curb kind of thing and then proceed to fall into the flower display. Being the loving mother that I am I took the opportunity to take the picture and let grammy pull her out of the flowers! Here are some pictures from our adventure!!

She was doing great standing up on this little curb, but not for long!!
Can you see her! Shes in there!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well we survived our 2 - 10 hour car trips and we had a wonderful time in Atlanta for Thanksgiving. Austin and Campbell got to play with their cousins and we got to spend time with David and Kristen which was wonderful. I'm sure Jason's parents felt like a whirlwind came sweeping through their house, but somehow I think that they did not mind it much!!! Thanksgiving or any time is always so wonderful and cozy at their house. There is never a lack of yummy (dangerous) food to be had and the kids have so much fun playing all sorts of things with grandma and granddad. Austin told me today that he loves going to grandma and granddad's house, but the car ride sure is long!! Here are some pictures from the weekend!