Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day at the Farm!!!

With all the craziness of the last week and our house I never got a chance to put some pictures up of our trip to Purina Farms. We took the kids there last Wednesday on my dad's birthday and we had a great time. Austin got to pet many farm animals and Campbell loved the horses! We almost came home with a rabbit because they were just so cute! It will be a miracle if we ever get Campbell to smile for a picture! These are all her very serious looks!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


April 23rd was a very good day! First of all it was my dad's 54th birthday and we had a wonderful day celebrating with him. We took the kids to Purina Farms and Austin got to pet all the farm animals. On the drive home the day got even better because I got a call from our agent telling me that we had a contract on our house. Yesterday we finalized the contract and now we are officially under contract!!!! Our closing date is May 20th, yes in 3 weeks we have to be out of our house. To where? We are not sure yet, but if you want to find us this weekend we will be out looking at all the homes for sale!!!We are very excited and I would like to thank my parents ahead of time for all the babysitting that they will be doing this weekend!!! We love you!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lock the doors Julie!!

Okay so today as Austin and I were driving home from Bible Study, luckily on a pretty quiet and low speed limit road, I heard a rushing wind sound. I thought to myself that's is funny because I did not have any windows down so I turned around and looked at Austin and to my surprise his door was flinging open! Recently he has been intrigued by opening and closing his own car door! So he had reached over and pulled the handle to the car door and it had opened. When it opened all the way the look on his face was priceless! Thank goodness for car seats with straps!! Anyway from now on mommy will be locking the car doors as we are traveling

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Party Time!!

The Hoffman's had another huge party on Saturday night and we had a wonderful time! We were celebrating many things! It was Campbell's first birthday party and we also celebrated my cousins daughter's 7th birthday along with my other cousin's stepson's 7th birthday. Lydia also made her grand apperance so many people came over to meet her. My mom did a wonderful job with all the food and getting everything ready and my dad did a great job of decorating the house! We had lots of people and good food and tons of kids running around so it was quite an eventful night. Campbell LOVED her cake and probably would have eaten the icing all night if we would have let her! Here are some pictures from the party!