Sunday, November 9, 2008

This weekend!

I just wanted to put a few pictures up from this weekend. Jason and I spent the weekend at the Family Life marriage conference this weekend and it was wonderful, highly recommend it for everyone! So the kids spent the weekend with grammy and pawpaw! Austin had his first basketball practice and he is very proud of his orange jersey, although he says it looks like a dress! Then they spent the afternoon at the Magic house!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Austin cracks me up!

I was just finishing the last blog and I was checking some emails and Austin had been drawing in the other room with a highlighter that he found in Jason's office. He came walking in the computer room and he had blue highlighter all over his face and I asked him why the marker was all over his face and this was his reply, " I was just pretending that God had made me with freckels all over my face, I just wanted to see what it was like." Then he just walked out of the office like it was the most reasonable answer and how could I have not known that! Anyway just made me laugh!

Crazy Weekend!

We had a great and packed full Halloween weekend! It all started Thursday night at Austin's Shcool Fall Festival. We played lots of games, but mainly hung out at the cupcake walk!(it takes lots of time to win a cupcake and Austin was not leaving until he did!!) ON Friday we hit the Veggie tales concert in the afternoon and then headed home for some trick or treating! Austin was a fireman again and Campbell was a lion. We took austin out with his buddy next door and they loved every minute of it. Campbell was a bit crabby due to a cold so my parents took her to a couple of houses and then it was off to bed for her. I am still loving these ages because they have all but forgotten the huge amount of candy that is sitting in the pantry!! We kept going on Saturday, We went to A Day Out With Thomas! it was really fun we got to ride a real train and do all sorts of Thomas Activities. Then Saturday night we had our annual hayride and cookout with my dad's side of the Family! So Needless to say on sunday we rested!!!