Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stay at home Working Mom!!!!

Crazy as it sounds and I can hardly believe it myself, but both of my kids will be in school next year full time! Campbell goes off to Kindergarten next year which leaves me at home all alone. In thinking about this and preparing for this I decided to look into opportunities to work from home. Of course I still have my cookie business and that is definitely my creative outlet and I will continue to do that as well! My new adventure involves Herbalife. I became an Herbalife distributor a while back and I love the company and their products. They are one of the leading companies in the Health and Nutrition industry and have been an established company for the past 30 years. Not only are their weight loss programs amazing and healthy for you, but we also have fabulous digestive health, heart health, men and women's nutrition supplements, children's nutritional products as well as a new sports nutrition line. You can check out their products at, I've been on them a while and I LOVE them! I also have my personal websites all which can be accessed through . So go check them out!

So basically I can decorate and sell you some fabulous cookies and then sell you a wonderful weight loss program that will drop the weight and get you healthy! So There you have it, that is what is going on at the Shaw house! Figuring out the working mom thing is fun and crazy but at least I don't go further than Jason's office to work!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All About Christmas.....

We had a great Christmas Season!!!

 We went to Wild Lights at the Zoo with Grammy and Paw Paw!

 Breakfast with Santa at Austin's School
 Of Course there were many Christmas cookie orders for me to fill my time with!

 Christmas Eve! Rice Krispy treats for Santa!

 Kids got a basketball hoop for outside!
 Campbell playing in her "make-up" and wig!

 Playing and singing Christmas carols with Paw Paw on Christmas!
 Celebrating with Aunt Doty, Uncle Jon and Lydia and Leah!

 Off To Celebrate after Christmas in Atlanta with the other side!

 The kids put on the Christmas Story play... Our 3 Shepards
 Mary and Joseph

 The whole Cast!

Finished up celebrating Jason's birthday (so small because that was his 3rd cake!)