Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just a funny thing!

Okay so it is Sunday morning and we are just getting ready to go to church. Amazingly we are all ready early. The kids and Jason are in the family and I walked in and moved campbell's cereal and of course she replied "Mine" This is the conversation that followed......

Mom: Campbell is that your favorite word? Mine?

Campbell: Yes

Austin: My favorite word is, virgin

Jason and I share a wondering look!!!

Jason: Where did you hear that word?

Austin: Silent Night, You know right after round!!

So all is still well in his innocent mind!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Trip to Springfield, IL

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday and we have always done something fun on his day! When we were kids it was so exciting because we use to get to skip school and go somewhere fun to celebrate the day. This year we thought it would be fun to take the train to Springfield, IL and spend the day and then take the train home.
It started Wednesday night when we spent the night downtown at a hotel because we had to be at the train station downtown early in the morning. We took the train to Springfield which was about a 2 hour ride. The kids had so much fun because they both LOVE trains and this was the first time on a real train. We had a great lunch in Petersburg, IL and then went to New Salem, IL. This is where Abe Lincoln spent about 6 years living in his 20's before he started his political career. They have a pioneer village all set up with at least 30 log cabins and stores. So we walked around taking pictures and talking to the pioneer people. Then we headed back to the train station and took the train home. Austin's favorite part was eating dinner on the train in the dining car!!
It was a great way to spend my dad's birthday!

Getting on the train

Austin and the conductor
Eating lunch in Petersburg!!
New Salem
Campbell in her bonnet!!

Austin the Photographer!!

On our trip to Springfield, IL yesterday Austin decided that he wanted to be a photographer when he grows up. He has a little kid digital camera but I forgot to bring it with us on the train so when we were in New Salem he asked if he could use my camera. He actually did really well and he loved taking pictures. Most of them were of the gound, but he got a few good shots in. By the end of our trip he was saying things like "I can't take that picture, to many shadows"!! WHAT? Here are a few from the day!

These are two of his best pictures!!

These just made me laugh and I call them "Austin" He had about 10 of these self pictures!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday!

Well I am just getting around to posting some of our Easter pictures. We definitly did not get to take as many as I would have liked. We had a minor meltdown before church so that ate up our picture time. We snapped some after church before everyone came over for lunch. Oh Yes I hosted my first Easter celebration this year, that included 20 adults and 10 kids!! The kid number just keeps on rising. We had a great lunch thanks to my aunts and mom who made most of the food! Then we had an egg hunt or realy just a gather seeing as we live in a new neighborhood and we don't have any hiding spots yet! The kids had a blast and we look forward to doing it again! Here are some pictures!

My dad and Austin making all the pies for Easter the day before! Yummy!

Campbell looks real excited!! She was just sad that I drug her away from the candy!

Nearly impossible to get them all to look and sit nicely!

All the kids before the big hunt (gather)

Lydia was just happy to be there!

Friday, April 10, 2009

To the Zoo again!!

I feel like we have been to the zoo alot in the last few weeks, but this time we got to take Jon, Doty and Lydia. They are in for Easter so we headed to the zoo for some fun! Here are some pictures!
On the train!
The three grandbabies!
Both Austin and Campbell are very taken with lydia. Campbell kept touching her cheeks and laughing! Austin wants to hold her hand and help her walk!
Campbell and the Gorilla!
Austin and the Hippo!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What goes through his mind?

I was just putting Austin to bed and after we said his prayers this conversation took place. Sometimes (most of the time) I just wish I could jump in his head and see his train of thought!!

Mom - "mommy and daddy are very proud of how you played soccer today".

Austin - "Even when I got hit by that kid?"

Mom - "Yeah, thats just what happens when you play sports."

Austin - "That kid I think he was Brandon or Luke or no maybe Skylar, He was funky looking, I think he's from Texas" Where does he get this stuff????

Just another random conversation from my son

Day out with PawPaw

I do have to say that my kids are so blessed to have two sets of the best grandparents ever! Yesterday my dad took the kids to Shaw's Garden, which is there favorite place to go. The kids area had just re-opened so they had many fun little activities for the kids to do. Campbell also learned what a tulip is. Now she goes around pointing out the tulips where ever we go. Dad took some great pictures of the day! Thanks dad!!

Getting their hands painted

The real reason why they love days out with pawpaw!!

First Soccer Game

Austin had his first ever soccer game this morning. He was very excited and to play, but mostly I think to wear his jersey. He did a great job, just happy to be out there running around. Here are a few pictures
Austin and Trip
Austin's team and his coaches!!