Sunday, July 25, 2010

Silver Dollar City Adventure!!

My parents and I took the kids to Branson this past week for a quick trip to Silver Dollar City. We missed having daddy with us, but the kids had a great time and Austin has discovered his love for roller coasters!!!

Down at Branson Landing our first night.

watching the fire and water show!

Austin has talked about riding Powder Keg since they went in June. It was our first stop and he loved every minute of it. It was the first of many rides on it the next two days.

He was little scared, but decided that he still wanted to try it.

Campbell was just pretending that she was tall enough.

Trying to beat the heat!

Campbell and Paw Paw had lots of quality time while the rest of us rode the big rides. They were working on their tower when we caught up with them.

watching the pottery man!

just waiting in line for the big swings!!

We wore them out!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cupcake outing!!1

my cousin, Jen and I took the kids on a little fieldtrip today down to the Central West End to the Cupcakery!! They have the most wonderful cupcakes and we had a great time eating them!! Mmmmmmm..........

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last white room!!!

About 6 months ago I got these two wonderful pieces of furniture from my aunt Susie, but on the transport from her house to ours the top drawer of this dresser fell out and was never found. I was very sad because I love this furniture! So my broken piece sat in my very undecorated and white guest bedroom for several months. I finally decided that I needed to decorate and I need to fix my dresser! So I nailed some wood in along the back and I put those wooded cross pieces in so I could set some baskets in their and fill in the massive missing drawer space and this is what I got......

I think it turned out pretty good and I like the new look of it

Once my drawer was fixed I moved on to the room, it is no suprise to anyone that I like to paint and I like color, so blue it is for this room!!

I had these metal things from the last house so I decided to paint them red and put them on the wall, Jason wanted black but no no red they must be!!!

It is still lacking some picures on the wall and a few accessories, but I really like the way it turned out.

Ready for guests...... So come on.....

Monday, July 5, 2010

A bunch of Summer!!

So here is a mix of the things we have been doing the past few weeks......

Austin is back playing T-ball this year. It's amazing how much taller he is this year, he now towers over the 4 year olds, just like the 5 year olds did to him last year!!

Our new invention. The kids love going down the slide into their pool!!

of course we are at grammy and Paw Paw's pool this year. They both have just taken off in the swimming department this year.

Jon, Doty and the girls came over this past weekend to spend the 4th with us. We had a great time swimming, eating and watching fireworks!!

Mom and my babies watching the dads shoot of fireworks!

The kids killing time with a little football until it got dark enough for fireworks, Austing was dominated by the girls!

Saturday we all headed down to St. Louis for the parade and Air show.

More swimming on the 4th! Even Leah loved the water!!

waiting for Chesterfields fireworks to start!! By the time it was over, Austin was the only kid standing. All the girls fell asleep as the fireworks exploded above our heads!!

Austin took a big swimming step this weekend also! He jumped off the board without his vest or a noodle!!! Now he is swimming all over the pool!