Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Snow!!

Making cookies for Santa! Chocolate Chip!

We woke up this morning on Christmas Eve to snow!! The kids were super excited so we got all bundled up and ready to go! I bought those pants and coat for austin when he was 2, it had snowed and so I ran up to walmart and they were the smallest I could find! He finally fits in them! Campbell is wearing her 18month snow bibs! Thinking we are going to have to get new stuff this year!

playground is more fun in the snow!

They went suprisingly fast down this tiny hill! With help from dad!

Hot chocolate to finish the adventure!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here comes Santa Clause!!

Ann got this little wrap at the Gap and Campbell just fell in love with it! It was the perfect time to wear it!

We seriously love Santa!!

It is our tradition every year to go to breakfast with Santa at Shaw's Garden. The kids love this day and they were super excited this year. The conversation around our house this morning heavily centered around the naughty and nice list. Austin needed to know for sure if he was on the nice list or not!! Campbell had an earfull for Santa telling him all the things that she needed, but Austin kept pretty quiet only sharing one thing with him. A few minutes after talking with Santa, Austin was concerned that he would only get the one thing that he asked for so his very outgoing sister took it upon herself to return to santa and ask for other things that Austin wanted! With everything squared away with Santa we had a great breakfast and then walked through the wonderful train show they have every year.