Friday, January 30, 2009

Finger Painting!

Austin got some finger paints for his birthday from my parents so I thought we would try them out! Austin was a bit more reserved, but Campbell jumped right on in!

All cleaned up and ready for action!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Austin!!

So today was a very full and exciting day! Little Austin Daniel turned 4. He is already asking me when he will be 4 1/2, Slow down kid!!! Here is a run through of our day! The day started out with a phone call from Daddy who had to be in Minnesota for a business trip this week. So we missed him today, but are happy he comes home tomorrow!
We started at the Pancake House with Grammy and Paw Paw for some breakfast! Then we went over to the butterfly house!
Austin likes the butterflies until they get a little to close. Very manly face!!
Still not sure about that butterfly getting to close!
After the butterflies I took him to school while Campbell went home with Grammy and Paw Paw
After going to Mimi's for dinner we headed home to open presents and eat some cake. Austin is talking to grandma and grandad on the phone!
This is to show Aunt Kristen and Uncle David how much he liked his new sleeping bag. He is up in his room sleeping in it now!
Today's funny side story!!
Ever since the start of potty training my biggest fear was being some where and one of the kids not being able to pee when they needed to, and it happened today! So this morning we were all excited to leave the house and head for breakfast. After being on the highway for a few minutes of our usual 25 minunte ride we came to a complete stand still of traffic! Now I was sort of annoyed because I knew my parents were waiting, but all was not to bad. Until Austin spoke up saying "Mom I have to pee"! So as any mother would say, I told him he would have to hold it because I was in the left lane and we were not going anywhere. He did not say much more so I assumed I was in the clear. About 10 minutes later and we have moved about 20 feet Austin again and with a bit more urgency says, " Mom I really have to go". Of course he has not yet learned the art of holding it so I am very concerned! All I could think to say was "You better not pee in this car! I knew he could not help it but I so did not want to start the day at Target buying new clothes!! So as we were moving 5 feet every 5 minutes I looked down and saw a cup! Yes thats right! This is where I'm going!! I told Austin my idea and he looked a little worried, as he should have been. After explaining I had him undo his belt and come stand right by my seat, the whole time thinking I can't believe I'm doing this. So He gets out of his seat and I get the cup and we get ready. Now remember I'm still trying to drive and holding the cup at the same time! Needless to say my son had stage fright! I told him to pee and he kept saying he could'nt. I'm yelling pee Austin! Pee now! He is yelling, I like peeing in the potty not a cup! I was getting worried because the traffic was kind of letting up and I did not want him standing anymore, so I told him to sit down, I was able to pull the undies up but not the pants. Amazingly I got him rebuckled with his pants around his ankles and we tore off in search of a potty!! So actually I'm pretty happy he had this stage fright because that could have added a whole other section to this disturbing story!! So the moral is to always have your kids pee before you leave the house, you never know when traffic with strike!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Days!!

Well we got about 6 inches of snow last night so I thought I would take the kids out this afternoon and play. I for one realized that I have absolutely no good snow clothes, so I must do something about that. Not that it snows much here, but it would be nice to have the essentials. Anyway I got the kids all bundled up Austin was very excited and Campbell went along with it like she usually does having no clue what she was doing this for! She was fine until I opened the door and she gave me a look that said, "Seriously? you want me to go out there!" She did not like the snow! Austin and his friend Chase had a great time, but he was plagued with that dreaded snow on the wrist thing! Here are some pictures and a video of our event! It is also Austin's last day as a 3 year old!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Again!

Saturday night I planned a surprise birthday party for Jason for his 30th. His birthday of course was the 1st but this weekend was the first weekend it worked out and I knew for sure he would not suspect anything. I told him I was hosting a pampered Chef party at our house so all day he was so sweet and helped clean the house for his own party!! Our friends Chuck and Amy came over early and Chuck and Jason left to go hand out at another friends house and play pool! After everyone arrived I called Jason home with an emergency. I told him that our washing machine was majorly leaking, sounds funny I know, but it has been leaking and he has yet to fix it so I knew this would get him home fast. It worked and he was very surprised, a bit confused but finally figured it out. So here are some pictures

Erica making it look like there was some water on the floor!

Jason wondering why nobody is cleaning up the mess!

Some of us waiting for Jason to catch on

Some of the cupcakes!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday night Fire

I bought Jason a fire pit for Christmas so we decided to try it out and roast some marshmallows tonight. It was the perfect night because of our crazy St. Louis weather. It was almost 60 degrees and beautiful. Tomorrow the high is like suppose to be in the 20'S so we took advantage of the nice night. Needless to say both of my kids love marshmallows and they thought the fire was really cool.

A Friday Morning!

We are just getting ready to head out for a little bit, but the kids were singing and I wanted to try and get Campbell singing. She is starting to talk and sing so much more! So this is what we are up to this morning.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jason is 30!!! Happy Birthday!!

Yes Folks, He is 30!! Finally! I was getting tired of me being 30 and he still in his twenties!! Today was also Georgia bowl game day and I am happy to say that they beat Michigan State so that made the birthday festivities after the game that much nicer!! So Happy Birthday!!!!

Here are some pictures from the day! Austin got a new jersey from grandma and granddad, so Campbell got to wear Austin's old one! She had a big red bow in her hair so you could tell she was a girl, but of course it did not last long!

If they both looked it would be a miracle!

Merry Christmas!

Well a little late, but we have been busy busy! We had a wonderful Christmas morning with the kids at home. Austin and Campbell loved opening their presents and then we went over to my mom and dad's. Jon and Doty flew in on Christmas so we had Christmas dinner with them and opened presents! Friday we all went bowling, it was Austin's first time and he loved it! Sunday we went up in the Arch! It has been a few years since I was up in it and it was fun taking the kids! Lydia and Campbell just loved looking out the windows! Here are some pictures from the last week! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!
He actually beat Aunt Doty and Mommy using this contraption (and the bumpers)! But he leaves that part out when he tells people he beat me!

Up in the arch!

With the grandkids!